Questions & Answers

What is the 'Reward Program' ?

This exclusive program permit the customer to earn points and exchange them for discounts. To earn points there is a list of easy mission to do. You can find this program in the corner below left of the page.

What is the 'referral program' ?

This special program is a win-win concept, if you share the special link on your social media if someone that used your link make a purchase on the website you earn 5$ while he gets 10% discount ! To become a referral you have the instruction in the menu.

When can we expect our product to be delivered ?

It depend mainly of your location. For the fastest it will be 4 days and for the slowest it can be 15 days. But no worry you can ask us a tracking code after 7 days if you want to know exactly where is your product.

Why did I received only one product  while ordering 2 ?

No worries ! The products can be sent from different storage places and thus be delivered in 2 times. It should be delivered in a few days ! 


If you have any other inquiries  :

Send us an email at : contact.kiniB@gmail.com

Message us privately on our Facebook Page