Reward Program


The 'Reward Program' is a special program of points that will allow the customer to obtain prizes (discounts ...) in exchange of points.

To earn points the fisrt thing to do is set up your customer account.

1) Click on the blue dot in the corner down-left of your screen (for mobile) or on 'Reward Program' in the same corner for desktop 

KiniBeach' Reward Program 

2) Then create your account (or login if you already have an account)

Now that you have your account you have 2 options : Earn Points or Spent Points.

If you click on 'Earn more Points' you will be given easy mission and if you complete them you will receive points.

If you press 'Spend Points' you will be able to choose from a list of reward depending on your number of points.


As a Referral you just need to share this website to a lot of people, once they make a purchase you get a discount of 5$ and the one who made the purshase get a 10% discount on his whole order !


How to become a referral ? 

1) Click on 'Reward Program'

2) Go down a little and here you are ! (as in the picture below)